When we started the season, our chances looked very shaky. Results were not going the same way we all expected. We had to make changes and we brought in change.
With Samuel Boadu coming in, things started taking shape. At the end of the season, we are all smiling”

“We are going to Africa will bring back the level Ghana used to occupy. We will make everyone proud.
Don’t you think other clubs out there miss playing against Hearts because they cherish the pedigree Hearts bring to the game.”

“We needed to cut short our jubilation because we have FA CUP ahead of us and Elmina Sharks are storing at us we need to clear that obstacle and focus on the FA CUP. We have several things to roll out.”

“Without any disrespect to any club, the champions league is tougher than the local league and as a team we need to concentrate and ensure that what happened in our last 3 matches doesn’t repeat itself.”
“It is team work that did the job”.

Mark Brown


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